Building and Using Shamanic Tools
& Jewelry Workshop

August 19-21 2011
Dream Studio, Oregon, Wisconsin

For a number of years, people have requested a workshop on building and using shamanic tools. Finally, it has arrived. The workshop will teach how to wire-wrap crystals into jewelry and to make a prayer horn. We will then use our creations in a variety of shamanic ways including journey work.

Sacred Space

The sacred space will be anchored by an altar of 800-1000 pounds of rocks and crystals. In addition, each person is asked to bring nine (9) pieces of granite that will be used to create individual and intertwining sacred circles. The combination will be to create a massive healing energy to anchor the weekend.

Included in the Workshop

Each person will receive an aegerine crystal, a singing quartz crystal, a Chinese bloodstone shield stone, and a piece of kunzite from which to make their personal shamanic jewelry. In addition, everyone will receive an African black andradite and a deer horn tip from which to build a prayer horn.

Bring your Stones including 9 pieces of granite

Each person is encouraged to bring whatever stones or crystals that feel appropriate or necessary to support your process.

We have limited the number of attendees to 20.

When and Where will it be held

The workshop will be held at The Dream Studio, Oregon, WI (10 miles south of Madison). You will receive detailed instructions with your registration. We will begin class at 9 am on each day and end at 2 pm on Sunday afternoon.

To Register: Please send a $100 deposit or the full amount of $395.00 to Carrie Callahan 17 Larkin Street Madison, WI 53705. If you have questions, please contact Carrie at or (608) 310-9616. The last day for registration is August 7, 2011

Cancellations received after August 7 will be subject to a $50 processing fee.

Fee: $395 includes a continental breakfast and light lunch all three days, in addition to the above mentioned supplies. Some lodging will be available with participants living in the local area. Otherwise, lodging is on your own.

Presenter: Herb "One White Horse Standing" Stevenson (Shawnee and Cherokee) has been exploring indigenous healing practices for over 20 years. He has a private practice in crystal energy healing, specializing in trauma-related work. He provides workshops around the country upon request.

For more information, email One White Horse Standing at .


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