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The Healing Den

Finding the Healing Presence

November 12-17, 2017
House In The Wood
3300 Bay Road
Delavan, WI 53115

June 4-9, 2018
Camp Asbury
10776 Asbury Rd
Mantua, OH 44234

The Healing Den is a shamanic experience designed to bring spiritual explorers together to create scared space, sacred objects and to learn to be a healing presence. The focus is to create a community of 16 shamanic practitioners brought together for two residential sessions of five days each. The goal is to create more dens, and over time, create a community of shamanic practitioners that will meet once per year to refine their skills and to share what they have learned and applied from their original healing den.

Why Create Healing Dens

Over the course of the last 15+ years, I’ve been asked to teach more hands-on practical classes. The desire was to learn how to expand one’s healing presence through

  • the use of one’s own energy field,
  • rocks, crystals, and other materials to raise energy fields,
  • creating sacred space through altars, circles, and prayers/intentions,
  • creating healing tools as extensions of one’s self,
  • and many other ideas I cannot remember.

Over the years, we’ve tried a few different times to solidify a core group. We had some success, but not enough to make a commitment to an advanced program. Recently, I wondered what would happen if I decided to start from scratch and create something new. This led to a completely different configuration.

I decided to reduce the size to 16 people. This allows a more personalized and intimate approach to the teaching process. More demonstrations and hands-on practice suddenly is possible. Create healings dens.

I decided to create a completely new group from the two ongoing Shamanic communities operating in Ohio and Wisconsin. This meant that some participants would be from these communities, but others would be able to come as well. The cross pollination of the two groups, plus the lack of pre-existing history and teaching, requires me to become fully focused in the moment to discover what the healing den will be.

There are many other discoveries, but what seems foremost is that the timing for establishing this program seems appropriate to the present times. We need more people owning and being their healing presence.

I trust who is supposed to be at this first session in November will be there. I do so without attachment to the past relations and teachings.

Bountiful Blessings
One White Horse Standing


What is a Healing Den?

A den is a safe space from which many animals develop, grow into adults, raise their children, and seek protection from the outside world. The healing den is a sacred space of learning where shamanic practitioner will be supported to develop and mature as shamanic practitioners that understand and bring forth their healing presence.

Stone Medicine Wheel

Sacred Space

Healing dens will explore the many ways to create sacred space. For example, gridding an area with stones, building an altar from stones, a medicine wheel, or Celtic cross are examples. In addition, we will explore the energetic fields that can impact health and wellbeing. For example, we will dissolve time crystals that are frozen in our energetic fields. As part of our energetic lineage, we will examine time crystals in our present life, as well as those originated in the prior seven generations that impact us in this life.

Sacred Tools

Healing Dens will explore making sacred tools. These will be in the form of shamanic tools that come from the depth of oneself to be created in this life. Examples are various forms of talking sticks from wood or selenite, selenite clearing tools that combine jet and/or shungite to create an energetic field. This field loosens cellular memory, often in the form of a fear or pain body, and dissolves the frozen energy of piercing moments that shifted one’s direction and limited the possibilities of one’s life—the defining moments that no longer serve the person. The goal is to create a relationship and deep understanding of the tools, how to use them, and how to maintain their sacredness.

Moose Bone
Prayers Tools

Talking Sticks

Elk Prayer Horns

Time Crystals: Jet, Selenite & Cinnabar

Sacred Hands

We will explore the use of healing hands. Many shamanic practitioners are well trained in a multiple of hands-on healing practices. We will explore integrating these practices into shamanic healing which partners with the client in order to dissolve the frozen energy of cellular memories and release the tissues for full body integration. In addition, we will integrate how the healing presence of the person is critical to successful release of blockages and the return of life force. This will be applied to actual hands-on practices, and how the energetic connection of the person as a healing presence invokes the healing power of sacred tools.

Sacred Principles

We will practice four sacred principles that involve an ongoing, deepening process of understanding that leads to becoming a healing presence. These are based on creating the sacred four-chambered heart. The results of this daily prayer are to become a fully present, life receiving individual that supports others to be fully present simply by being within each other’s energy field. When we are in total comfort and peace within ourselves without running stories in the background that hides us from our self and denies our life force, we become a healing presence that allows others’ spirits to breathe a sigh of relief. Therein, healing begins and life is granted permission as the person we were always meant to be.

Sacred Prayer

I ask for a strong heart, one where I have the courage, commitment and discipline to Show up and be present without preconceived notions, while having the Ability to Take Action and Enforce.


I ask for a clear heart where I have the inner self-respect and the sense of responsibility to Assess, Analyze and Consciously make meaning consistent with my true integrity, while saying what is so when it is so, without blame or judgment.

I ask for an open heart where I have the compassion and openness to be able to Connect and Feel with myself, those around me, and the environment, while surrendering to what has heart and meaning to my deepest soul.

I ask for a full heart where I have the generosity, patience, wisdom, conscious awareness, and maturity to be able to Initiate, Support and Create Order while being open to outcome wherever I walk in this world.

Fate is not what happens to us; rather, it is who we are if we have been true to ourselves.

Practical Details

Who Should Come

The workshop is designed for people from all walks of life that are at a crossroad of deciding whether to become a healing presence, not only in their shamanic and healing practices, but in their way of life. It is focused towards expanding the awareness of spiritual explorers, healing and shamanic practitioners, and the delightfully inquisitive healers.

What to Bring

Please bring any rocks or crystals that want to come along. A journal notebook is encouraged as well as any comforts for sitting on the floor, such as floor chairs, back supports, blankets, pillows, etc. Bring grounding stones as appropriate to your being.

Plan for

We will be in the outdoors surrounded by sacred energies. Plan for hiking and spending time in nature. Plan to learn to clear your subtle energy field and to adjust it with each moment by being a living, healing presence.


There will be a bounty of materials provide to support your creative and spiritual process. The fee includes a $200 per week allocation for materials, which are being purchased wholesale. This equates to ~$500 of materials per week at retail prices.


The workshop is residential. The November session will be held at a House In The Wood in Delevan, WI. The June session will be held in Mantua, OH. You will receive detailed directions and a list of what to bring with your registration. Arrival is on Sunday from 1:00PM to 5:00PM. The class will begin Sunday at 6:30 PM and thereafter it will start at 9 am on each day. The class will end around 12-2:00 pm on Friday afternoon.


Requests based on food sensitivities/diet preferences will be accepted if notified at time of registration.


The fee for the workshop is $1350.00 per week for a total of $2700. One half is due prior to each week. The fees include all meals and lodging from dinner Sunday through lunch on Friday. As noted above, $200 per week is allocated from your fee to materials costs.


Class size is limited to 16. This is because we will develop healing teams of 4 people where we will practice what we are learning. If you would like to register, or have questions on registration and logistics details, please contact Matthew Powers at matthew@naturespowers.net; 414-458-3023.

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