Medicine Wheel Workshop
An Initiation with One White Horse Standing

Thursday, March 5 through Sunday March 8, 2009
Dodgeville, WI

Native Americans refer to the medicine as the essence of a person, place or thing. The Medicine Wheel has been used for thousands of years to provide insight into the human condition. We will explore the cycles of life and the stages of change with a view toward living a more centered and balanced life. The purpose of Medicine Wheel Initiation is to create mature men and women who can stay within the center of who they are regardless of circumstances.

In prior times, the creation and development of medicine were done through various forms of rituals and ceremonies that were designed to ignite the deep feminine and masculine energies that would enable the initiate to let go of the childish ways that tended toward self-centeredness and move toward family and community responsibilities. In this process we discover parts of ourselves that have not been able to be seen or have been trapped in a childish expression and not allowed to mature into the medicine that we are as adults.

These rituals and ceremonies often involved facing the deepest personal fears of childhood. In a sacred space, created and held by others, the initiates would be able to release the habits and patterns of the past and create a new way of being. New paradigms were taught to the evolving men and women so that they would understand the energies within themselves that could be birthed or developed into new skills and ways of being complete with the world.

Who should come: This is an integration workshop. People who have attended three of the five medicine wheel workshops—bear, cougar, wolf, buffalo, and dragon—are qualified. For those that feel compelled to come that have not attended three of the prior workshops, a special one day workshop on March 4, 2009 will be held. I am expecting a small group for this so I believe we will potluck the food. Cost will be $180.

What to bring: Please bring photographs of yourself or your family that reflect infancy, childhood, adulthood, and elders. In addition to (or instead of the prior photographs) bring photos, images and/or symbols that represent the energies of

  • the Kinq/Queen/Buffalo/Eagle/Sovereign/Ancesters
  • the Lover/Healer/Bear/Owl/Feminine
  • the Magician/Sage/Shaman/Cougar/Raven/the Next 78 Generations
  • and the Warrior/Soldier/Samurai/Wolf/Hawk/Masculine

When and where: This workshop starts at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, March 5 and finishes at 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 8. We will be in the Prairie Center in a large meeting room surrounded by patio doors out to a porch that runs the length of two sides of the room overlooking prairie and woods. On the other side of a 25 foot tall stone fireplace is the cafeteria style dining room and beyond them are the hallways with the dormitory style rooms. There are 2 to 4 beds in a room and all the rooms also have windows and private bath. Detailed directions will be provided with your confirmation letter.

Fee: $690 residential, ($640 if deposit or full payment is postmarked by March 28) This includes lodging for Thursday through Sunday night and meals from luncheon Friday to dinner on Sunday.

To Register: Please send a $100 deposit or the amount in full to Marie Smith 19126 Campbell Hill Dr, Richland Center, WI 53581. If you have questions, please contact Marie Smith at, (608) 647-2366. The last day for registration is Monday, February 23. Cancellations received by Friday February 23 will get a full refund. After February 23 there will be a $50 processing fee.

Presenter: One White Horse Standing (Shawnee and Cherokee) has been exploring indigenous healing practices for over twelve years. He has a private practice in crystal energy healing, specializing in trauma-related work. He provides workshops around the country upon request. Herb develops ceremonial and healing wands, scepters, and staffs as part of his spiritual practice. Read more about Herb Stevenson here or visit the Natural Passages website.

See the calendar page for current schedule.

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