Daily Prayer of the Eagle

I call to those who went before me for guidance to travel this day’s path.
I ask those who are yet to come what this day holds for me.
Of Eagle and Man is what I seek.

I ask for the Eagle to be at one with the Man and for the Man to walk beside
the Eagle.

Long Version

I ask for The Ability to Initiate, Support and Create Order while being open
to outcome
I ask—

  • » to develop and maintain a High sense of self-worth
  • » to Believes in myself and my abilities
  • » for a clear sense of my place in the world
  • » to Have a sense of vision for my life
  • » To be calm and centered
  • » to be able to entrust responsibility to others
  • » to ask for what I want
  • » to Accept a Higher Power beyond myself
  • » to motivate, empower and bless others
  • » to be At ease receiving and accepting praise, thanks or blessing from
  • » to Live life from a sense of service or stewardship for the whole
    (beyond myself)
  • » to sustain A deep love for my "realm"
  • » to be Calm; reassuring to others during crises
  • » to Bless, support, mirror and affirm others
  • » to Guide, encourage and nurture others
  • » to embrace what is healthy and good, and let go of what must die
  • » to Experience joy.

Short Version

I offer this prayer to the Spirits above and humbly ask for their divine help
to live my life to the fullest and bring honor to myself and my people. In

ah ho or amen or “ I am done” or “So be it! So it is! So I am!”

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