Daily Prayer of the Sage

I call to those who went before me for guidance to travel this day’s path.
I ask those who are yet to come what this day holds for me.
Of Sage and Man is what I seek.

I ask for the Sage to be at one with the Man and for the Man to walk beside
the Sage.

Long Version

I ask for The Ability to Assess, Analyze and Contain, while saying what is so
when it is so, without blame or judgment.
I ask—

  • » to be Insightful
  • » to see quickly to the heart of problems
  • » to hold and process many dimensions of information at the same time
  • » to Stay calm and detached during crises
  • » to be Good at assessing options and offering suggestions
  • » to be Keenly sensitive to the truth. Not easily fooled or manipulated
  • » to adapt my perspective so as to be understood by other people
  • » to hold impressions of situations without making quick judgments
  • » to hold impressions of people without judging them or labeling them
  • » to See meaning in symbolism and ritual
  • » to be Thoughtful, reflective, objective, detached
  • » to be Comfortable dealing with abstractions
  • » to be Comfortable exploring mysteries or paradox
  • » to Face and move through my fears
  • » to Recognize cycles and patterns
  • » to maintain a High degree of self-awareness
  • » to keep learning
  • » to be Open to ideas
  • » to maintain my intuition and imagination.

Short Version

I offer this prayer to the Spirits above and humbly ask for their divine help
to live my life to the fullest and bring honor to myself and my people. In

ah ho or amen or “ I am done” or “So be it! So it is! So I am!”

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