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Indigenous cultures refer to medicine as the essence of the person, place or thing. In our terms it is the essence of being a spiritual, physical, mental and emotional being. Wolf medicine is about the essence of wolf spirit. Wolves are very ritualistic—in as many ways as humans.

They live by carefully defined rules. There are specific territories that are sacred. Their social behavior is based upon a hierarchical structure. Each has its place and function within it.

The wolf teaches you to know who you are and to develop strength, confidence, and surety in that so that you do not have to demonstrate and prove yourself to all.

Wolves have a complex communication system, using body language. If you have difficulty conveying your moods and ideas to others, wolf will teach you how to empower your verbal communications with appropriate body language.
Every member of the pack knows its position in relationship to everyone else within that pack.

The ritualistic behaviors that establish the wolf ranks are part of its magic. Wolf packs are not entirely autocratic. Neither are they democratic. There are times when both occur, and it is this flexibility which adds to the success of wolf government.

Wolf can teach the lesson of proper governorship—a balance between authority and democracy. Wolf can teach you how to use ritual to establish order and harmony within your own life.

Wolf helps us to understand that true freedom requires discipline.

Wolf Medicine Initiation

The Wolf Medicine workshop is an initiation—a birthing process to more fully be who you are within the world. The focus is to discover the innate healing presence within yourself that have not been allowed to be seen or heard, let alone to mature as part of who you are. We will nurture those parts so as to begin to create a more centered and balanced life.

Our intent is to create the sacred space that will enable you to fully birth who you are, shedding the parts that no longer serve the fullness of your presence. Each person will be given the opportunity to be initiated into the wolf medicine.

We will experience

Wolf Medicine will build a community amongst nature. We will experience the healing of reconnecting to the earth by living in harmony with nature. We will experience a purification sweat lodge to enable each man or woman to shed old skins of being in the world. We will experience sacred space, where we will go into our self made den of darkness to enable the birth of our deeper self. We will experience being fully present with ourselves and with others so that we can make meaningful contact instead of talk at each other. We will experience talking circles to explore what it means to be a mature adult. We will experience the formation of a community and what it means to be a member of one. We will explore what it means to become a member of a community. We will explore what is means to be a man and a woman.

We Will Meet

The initiation is designed as an eight day intensive, experience amongst a natural setting. We will invoke the initiation the first day. For the next six consecutive days, we will explore wolf medicine through stories, journeys, a sweat lodge, and visioning. The final day we will complete the initiation and begin the process to return to the worlds from which we came.

Who Should Come

This is an advanced workshop designed for those people looking for the next step in their personal and shamanic development. The workshop is designed for people with extensive shamanic journey work through workshops or drum circles. It is preferred that one or more advanced workshops with One White Horse Standing be done prior to this

Initiation Costs.

Your Investment

The fee for the Wolf Medicine program is $1800. If the full amount is paid by February 15th of the program year, there is a $200 discount, so that the program cost will be $1600.

In addition, there is a $300 charge for materials that include a wolf skin and other materials that will become a wolf medicine bundle you will make to take home with you.

There is a non-refundable $200 application fee for the Wolf Medicine Initiation Program. It will be applied to the program fee.

See application for details.

Checks should be made payable to:

Herb Stevenson

Payment plans are available, but must be arranged prior to the start of the program. No discounts for payment plans.

Sacred Space Holder

One White Horse Standing has bridged the worlds of business and spiritual healing. He has been a banker, a management consultant and an indigenous teacher. He has published 26 books and is listed in Who's Who in Finance & Industry and Who's Who in American Law. He is the founder of the Medicine of Men program. He maintains a practice in executive coaching.

As part of his efforts to reclaim his Native American Indian heritage (Shawnee and Cherokee), he has been exploring indigenous healing practices for over ten years. He provides workshops around the country upon request. Go to He develops ceremonial and healing wands, scepters, and staffs as part of his spiritual practice.

He has a Master’s degree in Psychology with a diversity specialization. He on the graduate faculty at Cleveland State University and post graduate faculty at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, where he teaches in six programs. Send email to One White Horse Standing by clicking on

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Schedule for Annual Initiations

[ ] May 1-8, 2004

[ ] May 7-14, 2005

[ ] May 6-13, -2006

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Some items you will need

For Personal Care:

We will be living amongst nature. Hence, you will need to bring a sleeping bag, ground cloth and/or heat blanket(red and silver), and a ground pad. You will need to bring rain gear as we will meet rain or shine or snow or sleet. You will need to bring clothing appropriate to being outside. Hiking boots would be appropriate. Flash lights, a knife with a three-inch or larger blade, washable eating utensils, including plate/bowl, cup, knife, fork and spoon. You will need to bring soap and shaving gear as desired. Be mindful that the walking path to camp is rough terrain.

For Sustenance:

Each person needs to bring 3 to 5 gallons of water. Also, we will provide some food, however each person needs to bring non-perishable food for snacks that can be eaten without cooking, such as dried fruits, nuts, jerky, protein or granola bars, etc. This food will be commingled into a community pantry.

For Comfort:

Please bring any rocks or crystals that want to come along. A medicine blanket is needed to take into your den, as well as any comforts for sitting in circle, such as camping chairs, back supports, blankets, pillows, etc.

For remembrance:

A journal notebook is encouraged.
For the Altar: Bring any healing tools that you use on a regular basis that you want to carry the wolf medicine. Family pictures or other things can be supportive. Images of spiritual warriors, wolves, idols, important people can be useful.


Wolf Medicine

Deep Masculine—Being
Showing up and being present without preconceived notions, while having the Ability to Take Action and Enforce Boundaries

Spirit of the Wolf—The Mature Masculine
Accepts responsibility and gets the job done
Focused and determined
Not easily diverted
Knows his/her skills and is disciplined in using them
Direct, factual communicator
Honors and enforces his/her own boundaries
Honors the boundaries of others
Strong sense of loyalty and duty
Can cut his/her losses and move on without dwelling on the past
Able to work through adversity or failures in accomplishing a goal
Here-and-now oriented
Puts theory into practice
Determined, focused, dependable
Willing to take appropriate risks
Acknowledges and is clean about expressing his/her anger
Values physical conditioning and health.

Shadow of the Wolf—Hidden Masculine—Victim
Will do anything to avoid conflict situations or doing "the hard thing"
Tends to procrastinate
Tends to avoid any form of conflict or aggression
Believes that whatever he/she does will go wrong
Tells people what they want to hear versus what he/she really feels
Has a hard time saying "No" to others’ requests
Tends to get overcommitted
Tends to be ineffective in most efforts
Tends to be undisciplined and unprepared
May dabble in a number of projects, but has a hard time seeing them through to completion
Tends to run away during times of crisis.

Phantom of the Wolf—Overused Masculine—Hero
Expects perfect performance from himself/herself
Expects perfection from others
Obsessive task orientation
Has to win
Defiant or stubborn
Challenges or ignores others’ boundaries
Not open to direction, criticism or advice
Cannot tolerate incompetent or weak people
Short or volatile temper
Rebels against authority
May tend to humiliate or violate others
Tends to look for a fight
Perfectionist, extremist
Sadist or masochist
May become irrational or rageful
Tends to work until he/she burns out.

The Spirit of the Wolf

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