One White Horse Standing

Workshops designed to create a space where people can discover and claim parts of themselves that have not had a chance to be. As such, when they leave, they can be more fully who they really are.


Most of the workshops are designed for two days. Basic workshops generally are Friday and Saturday with no evening sessions. Typically, the advanced and deepening workshops start on Friday evening (7:00 to 9:00 P.M.), continue on Saturday (9:00 AM to 6:00 PM with an evening session as optional), and finish on Sunday (9:00 AM to 3:00 PM). The immersion/transformative shamanic practices workshop is recommended for three days, with a noon start time on Friday.

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Programs & Retreats

Programs & Retreats are events that are 8 to 10 intensive days or involve a commitment of up to one year and require considerably more commitment on the part of participants; both spiritually and in motivation. Retreats are generally held at scenic locations, usually in the west.

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Legacy: Bringing All You Are

Listen to "Mission Evolution Host Gwilda Wiyaka Interviews: HERB STEVENSON - Legacy: Bringing All You Are" on Spreaker.

Shamanic Tools for Energy Healing

Listen to "TSOM: Herb Stevenson - Shamanic Tools for Energy Healing" on Spreaker.

Shamanism Global Summit, July 2017 - Herb Stevenson


Presence and Leadership
An Interview With USC Radio Productions

Listen to internet radio with USC RADIO PRODUCTIONS CH ONE on Blog Talk Radio


Thoughts: vol I & II

By Herb Stevenson.Thoughts is a chronology of the spiritual journey of an individual over 40 years of his life. It is told in a whimsical and humorous fashion that often surprises the reader with insights that might change their worldview of what is real (or not). Various spiritual traditions are embedded in the journey as the story unfolds insights into sacred space, presence as the return to source within oneself and all of life, why ceremony shifts reality and learning the purpose of life is to find one's way back to the true self, source of all life. Learn more on Amazon.

20 Minute Drumming Audio by Herb Stevenson

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Presence and Leadership: An Interview With USC Radio Productions

Listen to internet radio with USC RADIO PRODUCTIONS CH ONE on Blog Talk Radio
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