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Legacy: Bringing All You Are

Listen to "Mission Evolution Host Gwilda Wiyaka Interviews: HERB STEVENSON - Legacy: Bringing All You Are" on Speaker.


Shamanic Tools for Energy Healing

Listen to "TSOM: Herb Stevenson - Shamanic Tools for Energy Healing" on Spreaker.


Shamanism Global Summit, July 2017 - Herb Stevenson



Presence and Leadership
An Interview With USC Radio Productions

Listen to internet radio with USC RADIO PRODUCTIONS CH ONE on Blog Talk Radio


OWHS Drumming

A drumming video with graphics:


Our Story in 2 Minutes

Seventeen year old Joe Bush got a high school assignment to make a video reproduction. He chose history as a theme and tucked it all into two minutes. Take pictures from the internet, add the track Mind Heist by Zack Hemsey (from the movie Inception) and then you get something like this.


Jackie Lowe Stevenson MSSA LISW
Live Like a Horse: Innovation Inspired by Nature

Jackie is a Gestalt psychotherapist, life coach, and consultant. In her talk she explores how people experience personal rebirth through exploring the culture and community which make up horses and the mentality of the herd.


The Top Ten Things Not To Say in a Sweatlodge

Clarence Two Toes has heard it all as an elders helper and firekeeper and he has the inside scoop on sweatlodge etiquette.


Other Worlds Ayahuasca / DMT Animations

This video is about Ayahuasca/DMT. This substance we all create sometimes in the pineal gland.


TED Talk - Aaron Huey

Challenging us with stunning images, Aaron Huey relates the fight for survival on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Aaron began photographing on Pine Ridge Reservation as part of a story on poverty in America, but it has captured his passion for five years. A quintessential example of the failures of the reservation system, he and we cannot turn away from what we see at Pine Ridge.


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