Keynote: Renewed vitality
through recognizing self-importance.

Cycle of Power: Year-round
(often with a rhythm of 12-hours, days, months, years). Completion

September 6-8, 2019
Camp Asbury, Hiram, Ohio

CardinalThe cardinal is part of the finch family. They remain year-round residents. Their influence and the archetypal energies associated with them can be accessed all year long. The cardinal reminds us that regardless of the time of day or year, we always have opportunity to renew our own vitality and recognize the importance of our own life roles.

The cardinal's loud and clear whistle reminds us to listen closely-—to pay attention to what is blowing on the winds-—which in this case is listening to the inner voice (feminine) more closely for our own health and well-being. It almost always reflects a need to assert the feminine aspects of creativity and intuition more strongly.

They are friendly and eat weed seeds and injurious insects. Hence, they can reflect a need to be more careful about diet or that what is being eaten may be injurious to yourself and affecting your overall vitality.

The 12 days of incubation and month's residency reflects that the rhythm of 12 is going to become more prominent within your life.

The shared role of incubation and care for the young reflects lessons associated with responsibility and recognition of the importance of the task at hand.

These birds are named for the cardinals of the roman catholic church, with their bright red robes. If it is your totem, it may reflect past-life connections with the church, or even a reviving of more traditional religious beliefs, regardless of denomination. Also, worth noting is that the four directions are referred to as the cardinal points. See below.

Cardinals brighten the environment. They catch the eye and add color to our lives. When they appear as a totem, they do so to remind us to become like them. Add color to your life and remember that everything you do is of importance.

The Significance of a Red Cardinal Sighting

Messages from Spirit can come in many forms, but the red cardinal has long been held as the most notable spiritual messenger. Male cardinals are certainly hard to ignore with their striking red feathers and melodic yet almost “pay-attention-to-me” chirps. And when they come to you almost insistently trying to gain your attention, it’s likely you’re receiving a message from Spirit.

CardinalA Spiritual Messenger

The notion that cardinals are messengers of Spirit exists across many cultures and beliefs. As a result, many things have the designation of “cardinal.” They include cardinal colors, cardinal directions, and cardinal angels. A cardinal designation signifies importance.

The word cardinal comes from the Latin word cardo, meaning hinge or axis. Like a door’s hinge, the cardinal is the hinge on the doorway between Earth and Spirit. They carry messages back and forth.

Many myths and traditions surrounding the cardinal have to do with renewal, good health, happy relationships, monogamy, and protection. Looking at the life of a cardinal, it’s easy to see why it has so many good associations. For example, cardinals mate for life. Also, they are non-migratory birds so they remain in their immediate area all their lives, protecting their turf. And after the couple gives birth, both parents work together to assure the health, welfare, and security of their family unit.

If you believe that cardinals are messengers from Spirit, then the next time you see one who is insisting on getting your attention, ask yourself these questions: What or who were you thinking of at that moment? Did you ask for guidance from Spirit or ask for help finding the answer to an important question? Allow your cardinal sightings to bring you a feeling of peace. Know that Spirit is listening. Let red cardinal visits remind you that Spirit always guides and protects you. Above all, don’t forget to thank your cardinal friends and Spirit for their guidance.

What to Expect

The workshop will do several shamanic journeys over the course of the weekend. A large altar/vortex is created with many stones. This creates a massive energetic field

Who Should Come

All interested parties with journey experience.

What to Bring

Please bring any rocks or cedar related items that want to come along. A journal with colored pencils or pens is encouraged as well as any comforts such as blankets, pillows, etc.


Dinner will be served on Friday night; Saturday: breakfast, lunch and dinner; Sunday: breakfast and lunch. Departure at 2-3 pm.


When and Where to Come

Registration will begin at 12:00 noon on Friday, September 6th at Camp Asbury. The workshop will begin Friday running into the night, Saturday all day and into the evening, and Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 2-33:00 p.m. The workshop will be held at Camp Asbury, 10776 Asbury Rd., Hiram Ohio 44234.

What to Pay

The fee for the workshop is $450 if paid in full by August 1st, 2019. If paid after August 1st, 2019, the fee is $495. This includes room and six hot meals as listed above. The deposit will not be transferred or refunded. It will be applied to the guaranteed fee of Camp Asbury.

To hold your space, send $125 nonrefundable deposit now to Herb Stevenson, 9796 Cedar Road, Novelty, Ohio 44072. For further information, kindly call Herb @ 440-338-1705 or email Lisa Roll Kayser, to reserve a space in the circle. Please send a check, payable to Herb Stevenson, 9796 Cedar Road, Novelty, Ohio 44072. Once paid-in-full you will receive info on your stay at Camp Asbury.

Due to the workshop focus and the unique facilities, the attendance will be limited to 26 people.


Ted Andrews, Animal Speak

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