Daddy Longlegs
Cellar Spiders

July 10-12, 2020
Virtual Workshop


  • Weaving deeper into ourselves
  • and our relationships


  • Are we hiding from ourselves by letting pride, fear, or hurt hinder us?
  • Are we not seeing our relationship as it is?
  • Are we working in the wrong way to weave it into something
    more than what it is?

Several insects and spiders have been known as the daddy longlegs. Although the name is associated with the crane fly, it is also associated with a member of the spider family. It is this latter to which we are referring here.

The spider has long, skinny legs, giving it a graceful appearance. Its presence always indicates the weaving of a deeper relationship. Native to many climates, males and females are commonly found together (a rarity among most spiders), reinforcing the idea of deepening relationships.

The most commonly seen type in the U.S. is a species known as the cosmopolitan cellar spider. When startled, its body and web shake so rapidly that both the web and spider seem to disappear. Part of this spider's magic is the lessons of invisibility (or the illusion of it) for protection. The daddy longlegs, as with all spiders, spins silk. When it appears, something new is being spun in a relationship, usually with a loved one. New harmony and balance are strong around us and our activities with others right now. Where there is one daddy longlegs, another is usually very nearby, and this characteristic indicates that our success in endeavors now is achieved best by working with another person or other persons.

Its long legs are its significant characteristic. Legs on insects and arachnids serve a variety of functions. They enable movement. They are sensory limbs. They are sometimes used to grasp and hold food and prey. The spider's appearance now indicates that what we sense about a new relationship-personal or business-is what we hope. Now is the time to move and grasp it. It is a wonderful time to start something new.

The eyes of most insects and arachnids have multiple lenses, some as many as a thousand. Their compound eyes enable them to see in many directions at the same time. The appearance of the daddy longlegs always indicates a greater vision of what is happening on many levels--what may only be superficially noticed, if at all, by others. Daddy longlegs indicates increased awareness of what is going on around us, with greater ability to move in response to our perceptions. We must trust what we perceive is going on behind the scenes. That is why the spider has appeared now.

When the daddy longlegs appears, we can expect a surprise. New understanding, creativity, and ideas are flowing now, especially in relationships. Now is the time for deeper exploration of them. Doing so brings greater harmony and goals will be reached.

All spiders have tremendously heightened sensibilities. Although there is often fear of them, only a few species are poisonous, and most help in controlling the other insect pests that can be bothersome. Anytime a spider shows up, we may need to get a handle on our fears, to be more direct in dealing with them.

The daddy longlegs is a delicate spider, although most spiders are. Spiders are always a combination of gentleness and strength, for they have learned to combine both in order to survive. If daddy longlegs has shown up, we may need to balance gentleness and strength. We may be acting too timidly or too intensely, especially in an important relationship.

The daddy longlegs can indicate a loss of balance in a relationship. It may indicate that we are or someone around us is being too much of a perfectionist, maybe even maintaining inappropriately an all-or-nothing attitude. The daddy longlegs reminds us that disagreements are unimportant and focusing upon them will create unnecessary obstacles. It is time for someone to make the first move in resolving the problems. By doing so, they will all shortly disappear. We can then step over the obstacles and accomplish our goals.

We will Explore

We will learn how to use a looking deeper into our woven world and looking into our relationships to support ourselves.

Who Should Come?

The workshop is designed for people from all walks of life. It is focused towards expanding the awareness of spiritual explorers, healing, and shamanic practitioners, and the delightfully inquisitive.

What To Bring

This is at your home virtual workshop, so make yourself comfy. We will meditate, so, have any rocks or crystals that support your meditations. A journal notebook is encouraged.

Plan For Virtual

We will be virtual. So, if you have not done a virtual workshop, often called webinars, here’s some helpful information. Prior to our workshop Go to and open a free account and install it on your computer. Make sure your computer has a camera. It is helpful but not needed that you have a headset with a microphone on it (like your cell phone headset). It cancels noise at home.

Please watch at least the following how to videos using this link

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The workshop will be done in four segments of 3, maybe 4 hours. With frequent breaks as you remind me of the need. The tentative schedule is as follows.

  • Friday 12-3 or 4 PM CST (1-4 or 5 PM EST)
  • Saturday 9-12 and 1-4 PM CST (10-1 and 2-5 PM EST)
  • Sunday 9-12 CST (10-1 EST)

Each segment will have a guided meditation, some teaching, an exercise, and processing in breakout groups and large group.

I will send a zoom link prior to each of the four sessions. These will be different links each day as I will record the sessions and all four recorded sessions will be made available after the workshop as a link.

The fee for the workshop is $295. Class materials will be provided prior to the workshop includes presentation slides, workshops, and exercises. Class size is limited to 21.

For those that attend or pay and cannot attend, we will provide access to the recorded sessions the week following the workshop.

To register: Please send a check for $295 to Marie Smith 19126 Campbell Hill Dr, Richland Center, Wi. 53581 by June 30th. Class size is limited to 21.

If you have questions, please contact Herb Stevenson at 440-338-1705 or email to .

Presenter: Herb "One White Horse Standing" Stevenson.

Resources: Ted Andrews, Animals Wise