Advanced Shamanic Workshop

Deepening the Awareness
of Crystals

A Journey into Stone Energy & Healing

Focus of the Workshop

Rocks and crystals have been treasured for their beauty and healing energies since the dawn of time. For example, spiritual and healing ceremonies incorporating rocks, often in the form of gemstones, and crystals were performed by Mayan, Native American Indians, Aztec, Inca, African, Tibetan, and Celtic Cultures. In more recent times, the Bible refers to quartz crystals more than 200 times as well as a multitude of other rocks in the form of gemstones and crystals.

In similar ways, rocks and crystals can assist in our spiritual journeys. For example, they bring forth spirit energies that provide interesting applications in the ordinary and non-ordinary realities. For some, the rock and crystal spirit energies can enhance shamanic work by adding new experiential dimensions to the ecstatic journey. For others, the rock and crystal spirit energies provide a new set of tools to be used in healing practices, such as establishing protective energy cocoons. At a minimum, as we learn to awaken the spirit energies of the rocks and crystals, parts of ourselves will begin to awaken as well.

What to Expect

This workshop is designed to deepen the shamanic relationship with rocks and crystals. A large altar/vortex of energy will be created in the center of the working space. The purpose of this altar is to expand the energy field and therefore the sensitivity and receptivity to healing energies. Typically, the people will journey ten to twelve times over the course of the workshop. It is quite common for all participants to experience some form of major insight and/or healing. Generally, this workshop includes a session on Friday or Saturday evening.

As an advanced workshop, the focus is to deepen the experiential relationship with rocks and crystals. The participants will continue to personal experience the energies of the stones and then apply this knowledge to shamanic practices. Because the rocks and crystals and techniques change for each workshop, this workshop can be repeated several times with minimal duplication.

Who Should Come

The workshop is designed for people from all walks of life. It is focused towards expanding the skills for spiritual explorers, practicing healers, and curious people. Hence, crystal healers, hands-on healers, shamanic practitioners, body-workers, and the delightfully inquisitive can expand their skills through the use of crystal energies.

What to Bring

Please bring any rocks or crystals that want to come along. A journal notebook is encouraged as well as any comforts for sitting on the floor, such as blankets, pillows, etc. Bring something for a community potluck lunch.

See the calendar page for current schedule.