Healing Den

Becoming a Healing Presence: Introductory Workshop



The point of power in all spiritual traditions is the present moment, here and now. There is no past except in memories and there is no future except in dreams and imagination. However, in the healing present, time is a place, that can be frozen in our energetic field from unsatisfying experience such as trauma, fear, emotional pain. We experience these energies as unfinished memories and dreams. By being fully present, consciously in the moment, creating a safe container and supporting ourselves, we can dissolve frozen moments in our energy field. This is the essence of healing presence.

Another way to look at presence is as a communion with the pure energy of existence. At a purely energetic level, it is the connection of one's presence with the original source of all being. In this awareness, an understanding can develop that the point of all power is in the present moment. This awareness illuminates that each moment is full of infinite possibilities. For example, one might have an epiphany or illuminating moment that "all will be fine" and a deep knowing fill one's being. Did the world change or did you as a person change or you chose a new possibility in that moment and changed, creating an opening for a new way of being (present).1


The focus of this workshop is to explore presence in general and being a healing presence, in particular. We will do meditation and body scanning in a variety of ways to better understand being present (grounded in) to oneself.

Who Should Come

All interested in Healing Presence and the Healing Den Intensive are welcome to participate, as well as those interested in spiritual development.

What to Bring

This is an at your home virtual workshop, so make yourself comfy. We will meditate and explore presence. A journal notebook is encouraged.

Plan for

We will be virtual. So, if you have not done a virtual workshop, often called webinars, here’s some helpful information.

Prior to our workshop.

  1. Go to https://Zoom.com and open a free account and install it on your computer.
  2. Make sure your computer has a camera. It is helpful but not needed that you have a headset with a microphone on it (like your cell phone headset). It cancels noise at home.

Please watch at least the following how to videos using this link if new to Zoom Zoom https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206618765-Zoom-Video-Tutorials


The workshop will be done in four segments of 3 or 4 hours. With frequent breaks as you remind me of the need. The tentative schedule is as follows:

  • Friday 13-4 PM EST (11- 3 PM CST)
  • Saturday 9-12 and 1-5 PM EST (8-11 and 12-4 PM CST)
  • Sunday 9-12 EST (8-11 am CST)

Each segment will have a guided meditation, some teaching, an exercise, and processing. This structure has worked well for me and shortly after we get comfortable, you will find that it can be and interesting and insightful experience.

The fee for the workshop will be $295.

For those that attend or pay and cannot attend, we will provide access to the recorded sessions the week following the workshop.

To register use the following link: https://healing-den.com. If you have questions, email Herb at herb@healing-den.com

1Illuminating moments occur when by accident or through deep meditation one moves into liminal space when we are in a place of momentary being. My experience are these moments are piercing in the sense that whatever my struggle, in a moment of relaxation, the needed insights to shift my energetic and mental perceptions can open to a new paradigm; thereby dissolving the original dilemma or conflict.